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From management, bookings and choreography to creative ideas, media and branding, Famous have extensive experience in artist development services. Some of our credits include:

  • Originally casting and developing Britain’s Got Talent winners Collabro and semi-finalists Misstasia
  • Choreography for leading pop acts including Max George from the pop group The Wanted, AJ Bentley from Let It Shine, female artist Eemia and up-and-coming signed artist Sody

Whether your artist is solo or in a group, we can offer one-on-one tuition and development, specialising in choreography and staging for the very start of their career; adapting with them as they organically develop as artists. For already established acts, we can assist with performance development, taking them to the next level in their career.

Our team of choreographers have worked worldwide and will visually enhance the artist’s persona, creating a stand-out performance which gives the artist an edge in today’s highly competitive market. We believe it is really important for the artist to put their own stamp on their performance; whether through dance moves, incorporating new props or impactful staging that their fan base will recognise and associate with their material.

Our guarantee? We will take on board the sound and style of each artist and work closely with management and record labels to create something new and dynamic for live performances, pop videos, TV and tours, providing new and innovative choreography, incredible dancers and new ideas to enhance the artist’s brand.

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